Christmas Train Set with smoke
Christmas Train Set with smoke
Christmas Train Set with smoke
Christmas Train Set with smoke

Christmas Train Set with smoke

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Tis the season! add that final touch to your Christmas with our Christmas Train Set with smoke toy Train.Whether it's a decoration under the Christmas tree or a hobbyist's train model, this toy train set is guaranteed to bring excitement for all.

MOST AWESOME RC TRAIN EVER -Classic Electric Train Set Technology - is the first train set with a Remote Control it doesn't get more real than this The Christmas Train Set with smoke  is a uniquely designed train filled with features that makes it a one of a kind item

Classic Train Set is the perfect addition to pair with your Christmas tree or holiday setup. Featuring realistic sounds, lighting and smoke effects, kids will enjoy playing with the toy train perfect gift throughout the year and especially for the holidays

Christmas Train Set with smoke Features:

Easy to Snap Tracks

Blows Real Smoke!

Authentic Sounds

Real Working Light

locomotive engine with cargo cars to trail behind along the tracks. Toggle on real lights and sound, and even add mineral oil  for REAL smoke

Christmas Train Set with smoke

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