Drones & RC Toys




If you looking to get started with drones and want to pick the best drone for yourself.  We have broken down the main categories located the best price deals for the most popular drones in the category.  

We also provide the best online review information available for the products that are selected so that it is easy to compare the important information such as distance the drones can be controlled, how long you can fly on one battery and the quality of the images and video recorded.  Those details are included in the title so that it is the first thing you know about the products I have located for you.

The main categories of multi rotors I focus on are listed below click on the link below to learn more and the most popular products in these categories updated every week with any related video reviews, tutorials, test products and modifications.  Use link to learn more. 

  • Selfie Drones 
  • RTF Camera Drone
  • GPS HD Camera Drones
  • FPV Micro Drone



If you looking to buy a RC Car for the first time since they have been around for the longest.  There is so much that has changed.

Currently with electric RC cars & Trucks technology has brought this hobby into a whole new direction.  The video shows some of the latest possibilities that give video gamer's a reason to allocate gaming time to outdoor or indoor gaming experience that is actually more exciting for others people around to watch instead of video games.

Click on the image link below to see the categories of RC Cars I have listed below.  I have chosen the products based off categories that are popular for modifying to use with FPV equipment for some very interesting ways of using RC Cars in 2018

  • Micro 
  • 4x4 
  • Crawler 
  • Racing


Recently with electric battery technology improvements RC Planes have begun to take on a whole new hobby with the addition of FPV in the same way all RC technology has gotten.  If you can see in the video I selected from online as a example.  

List below describes the categories and focus of RC planes you can click on the link below to see more videos, products, modifications, news related to these categories.

  • Park Flyers
  • Micro Planes
  • FPV RC Planes
  • Scale Warbirds