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  Light Up The Night sparkle and light up the party

If you are heading to Coachella /Lightning In A Bottle or Burning Man this year, your style game must be on point.


Be able to find your friends at a block party even when you’re drunk

  1. Be the coolest person on Halloween without having to think up an outfit
  2. Provide emergency light in case of the Apocalypse
  3. Scare the kids on your block. Pretend you’re the lawn decoration and then jump out and say “boo!”
  4. Save time putting lights on your bike at Burning Man, just throw on a coat, turn on and go!

The only thing more important than a festival outfit is… festival accessories. With summer approaching, these prove to be increasingly important as the temperature rise. It’s hot, it’s sweaty, and who wants to be moving around and dancing with extra baggage on them? Better yet, not enough baggage?

  • From bandanas to protect you from the dust to a handy fanny pack to keep your prized possessions close to blankets for the night time, we’ve got you coveredssential festival accessories!


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